Carol civre created the cover for pop artist von’s new single “too many.”

“The emerging artist is a pioneer of what she calls ‘sex positive synth pop’, a genre as personal as it is political. What started as a joke about the similarities between herself and vibrators (both reliable, efficient, productive and self-serving) soon inspired the rather serious idea to collaborate, and make music together. Partnering with sex-tech company Lioness, who have created “the fitbit of vibrators”, Von began recording the contraction patterns of her orgasms in order to translate her sexual crescendo into a sonic one.

The hyper-contemporary Too Many is matched with lyrics that address an immensely relatable female frustration in the bedroom. “A lot of my songwriting experience has been based around looking back and reflecting on my past experiences, and figuring out what aided in my growth and also what perpetuated that suppression”. The song confronts the profundity of the “orgasm gap” in heterosexual relationships, aka the disparity between how often women and men cum during sex.”

the above are excerpts from indie magazine

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